Vanna White finally wore the same dress twice after 7,000 shows


Vanna whiteOne of the most well-known faces in history of game shows. The Wheel of Fortune Since 1982, White has been the star of the puzzle show and always wore a beautiful gown. Surprisingly, it wasn’t until 2020 that White repeated an outfit—the first time in over 7,000 episodes. 

For the first time in nearly 40 years, white repeated a dress

White joined Wheel of FortuneFollowing the departure of Susan Stafford, in 1982. Along with Vicki McCarty, Summer Bartholomew and Summer Bartholomew, she was chosen as one of the three guest hostesses. White was promoted to regular hostess the following year in December. 

White is always seen on the show wearing glamorous outfits such as cocktail dresses and jumpsuits. White has only worn one outfit in all of her 40 years on the program. Before she broke her streak White said KSDK St. Louis, “Never. Repeat, I never wear the same dress twice.”

Her streak of no outfit-repeating ended September 2020. This was the first time she had done so in her long history. Wheel of Fortune She had to wear a dress she’d worn on camera before she could start her career. White addressed fans on the show’s YouTube channel, saying, “Can you believe, for the first time ever, I wore the same dress twice, after 7,000 dresses?”The dress was a bright blue short-sleeved dress. 

What makes White choose her outfits?

White has worn over 7000 outfits, even after the dress repeat. Wheel of Fortune. How does she find her dresses? White explained that she holds a fitting for new clothes every few weeks where she and Kathi Nishmoto choose their favorite dresses from a 50-60 dress selection. 

“The biggest challenge was to just get [White] to [be vocal about dresses she doesn’t like],” Nishimoto said People. “Because she is so nice, she doesn’t want to say no to anybody.”White has worn many outfits, including slacks and gowns. But do you think she has a favorite?

“My favorite dresses happen to be the comfortable ones,” White said Fox News. “A lot of them are so skin tight and don’t budge. I feel like I’m wearing a corset and I’m walking for 30 minutes in 5-inch heels. It looks great, but it can be uncomfortable. I still do it, it’s part of my job. But if I had the choice, I would prefer stretchy gowns. And I honestly love the cocktail length.”White has been featured on Wheel of Fortune for 40 years now; it’s surprising that she has only repeated a dress one time!

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