Vaughn Hebron and Adriyan Rae Talk about ‘Plot Twists” in the New Season (Exclusive).


The GameSeason 2 streaming now Paramount+Fans have invested their time and money in the blossoming of their relationship. Vaughn Hebron plays Brittany Pitts, and Vaughn Hebron plays Jamison Felds. Both are eager to take their relationships to the next level. only spoke with Rae and Hebron to discuss their characters and the whole season. 

“A lot of plot twists,”Hebron spoke exclusively to PopCulture “I think fans can expect to see some of the characters go to some very real and sometimes dark places along their journey. I think the issues that were brought up in Season 1 continue to be issues a lot, and they actually kind of take a form of itself that kind of gets very dark a little bit for some of the characters. So I think they can expect to see that. And I think they can also expect to see how the strike really, how that affects everything. How that affects everything that’s going on with each one of the characters and the extent to what they’ll go to make the best of their situation.”

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Brittany wants to improve her finances and career, as well as her relationship with Jamison. Brittany was fired from Tasha Mack’s (Wendy Raquel Robinson) job as a hostess at a club she pitched to Colonel Ulysses S. Thatcher of Las Vegas Fighting Fury (Tim Daly). Rae is proud of Brittany’s current location, considering where she was at Season 1.

“I will say that I am proud to say that Brittany busts her behind and her hard work does pay off. Her resilience, her persistence, all of it really works in her favor,”She spoke. “And she continues to stay grounded and very intentional. And the chips fall, things seem like it was rock bottom, but it was all for a reason. It was all for a reason. And it’s kind of like that situation where you ask God for something and he says no and you cry about it, but it was because he has something 10 times better in the other hand for you. That is the exact situation that goes on with Brittany in this season. And it’s so beautiful to see.”

Season 2’s premiere will reveal more about Jamison and his past, including how he was arrested. Hebron loved the experience, as it almost felt like he was playing another character. “It was really fun,”He said. “It literally wrote on my script, I was like, ‘You are 18 again, so act like it.’ Being an 18-year-old, you’re going to Alabama. You’re the top running back in the country. You got your girl. You just came from prom. Your whole life is set in front of you, and you just feel like you’re on top of the world. And hopefully, this translated with the performance. Jamison just really felt like he was untouchable. He felt he had this… He just felt so good. He felt like everything was going to be fine. All of y’all tripping. Me and Allison are great. He was just so carefree. So it was really fun to just be and just let loose. The first scene, he’s dancing and stuff. So yeah, it was extremely fun.”

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