Venomous Red-Bellied Black Snake Found Hiding in Someone’s Bed in Australia


Imagine getting ready to climb into bed after a long day only to discover that an almost five-foot-long snake is occupying the space.  

It happened to an unsuspecting person in Kellyville, Australia, earlier this week.

The Australian Snake Catchers Page shared several pics of the animal after going to rescue and release it. In them, the massive snake is slithering through the pillowcases, sheets, and the house.

“When you Don’t really feel like Pillow Talk or a Bedtime Ssssssstory,” they wrote on Facebook. “Especially when it’s with a 4 and a half foot Red Bellied Black Snake.”

“This fellow was in a Bedroom of a Kellyville home and was just getting ready for bed when we arrived. A very healthy Snake and better off outside in its natural surroundings.”

Red-bellied black snakes are venomous, according to Newsweek, but their bites are not known to be deadly.

This shy snake species is one of the least dangerous of snakes their size in Australia, Newsweek adds, and they avoid encounters with humans and only bite when provoked.

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