Victoria Beckham reveals why she removed her David Beckham tattoo


Victoria Beckham is coming clean about recently removing a significant tattoo. As fans noticed her wrist tattoo of husband David Beckham’s initials had faded in recent pictures, speculation about a divorce began. On the Oct. 13th episode of Spice Girl Spice, former Spice Girl Spice dispelled rumors. Today with Hoda & Jenna after questions arose about her over-20-year marriage. Beckham, 48 is getting rid of multiple tattoos because she doesn’t like them, and not just her inner wrist initials. “They just didn’t look so nice,”She spoke. “It doesn’t mean anything more than that.”She continued: “I think that the media started to speculate, was I leaving my husband? No, I was just a bit sick of the tattoo. It’s as simple as that.”What about her children and husband? “gorgeous”She isn’t against tattoos, but the fashion designer clarified that she doesn’t object to them. She had gotten her own “a long, long time ago,”Some had begun to turn black and started to hemorhage. “bluey”So she had to choose a color. “cleanse.”

Today host Hota Kotb also inquired about oldest son Brooklyn Beckham’s 6-month marriage to Nicola Peltz Beckham and what “lessons”Beckham taught Beckham about marriage. “I think it’s about being a close family and having the lines of communication always open,”She spoke. “You can never really offer advice, the kids have to figure it out themselves but you have to be there, and we’re very close.” During the interview, Beckham also addressed the rumored family feud resulting from the couple’s union. “It was a beautiful wedding. As a mother, to see my son so happy means so much,”Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, and Savannah Guthrie were the first to hear her story. in a later interview.

They sat front row together with Brooklyn’s siblings Romeo, 20 and Cruz, 17, and Harper (11), who drove Beckham mad when she took her final bow at Paris Fashion Week. “Professionally, I’ve just had a very big, big moment for my brand,”The star spoke. “Finally, post-COVID, going back to showing my collections with my first big show in Paris felt like such a triumph.”She said, “In the middle of the pandemic, I said, ‘If I’m lucky enough to do another show, I’m going to really, really enjoy it.'”Kotb was kind to Beckham, praising her vulnerability when Beckham collapsed due to the stress of the show. becoming “overwhelmed with emotion. “I was going to be there, and had a great shot at the end.” she said. “”I just saw my husband, my children, my parents and it was so special.

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