Victoria Beckham’s Friends Worried About ‘Unnatural’ Appearance, Begging Her To Stop Using Risky Fillers?


Has Victoria BeckhamHave you gone too far with the lip fillers According to one tabloid, Posh Spice is on the lookout for lip fillers “unnatural”After her latest makeover. Here’s what we know about the fashion designer’s new look.

Victoria Beckham in ‘Filler Fiasco’What is the best way to get started?

This week Life & Style reports there’s something off about Victoria Beckham these days. She made a recent appearance on Good Morning AmericaFans noticed that Spice Girl ex-Spice Girl looked a bit stiffer than usual. “What’s happened to her face?”One Twitter user asked. “It’s so unnatural and distracting,”One more.

But the tabloid consults a plastic surgeon — who hasn’t treated Beckham — for the final say-so. “Victoria appears to have bad filler placement. It is injected too high and not filling the lips properly,”The doctor makes the dish. “It’s not about injecting too much, it’s about it being done incorrectly. It needs to fill the lips, not the upper area.”

But it’s just not sinking in with Beckham, who feels she looks fine. Insiders say Beckham thinks she looks great. “rather pretty”The show and “doesn’t see what all the fuss is about.”But her friends are still concerned. “A few friends told her to put an end to the procedures,”The tipster is trustworthy.

Friends urge Victoria Beckham to quit fillers

So, if we’re getting this straight, Victoria Beckham likes the way she looks but some Twitter trolls don’t? Who cares if some people aren’t digging her new look? Beckham can change her appearance as often as she likes. If she’s happy with the results, that’s all that matters. Many people know that lip fillers can cause swelling, which eventually subsides.

Because the treatment is temporary, eventually the filament will break down. Beauty fillers aren’t like major cosmetic surgeries — there’s no need to worry about permanently altering your appearance. Only a few days later, Beckham’s lips were back to a more natural-looking plump. We doubt that Beckham was really concerned, as we don’t think anyone was.

The Tabloid On Celebrities’ Appearances

This isn’t the first time Life & Style has insulted a celebrity’s looks under the facade of concern. Kelly Clarkson, a divorcee, was reportedly stress-eating and gained weight earlier in the year. The outlet then reported that Demi Moore was worried about her family. “frightening new face.”The magazine also stated that Chrissy Teigen was addicted plastic surgery. Selena Gomez was also alleged to have been a victim of plastic surgery. “unrecognizable”In recent photos Naturally, Life & Style isn’t really concerned for celebrities’ health and well-being.

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