Victoria Beckham’s Real Reason for Removing Her David Beckham Tattoo


For Victoria BeckhamTattoos aren’tLive forever

The former Spice Girls singer has been raising eyebrows in recent years after Many of these tattoos are available for purchase.She was named in his honor David Beckham disappeared from her body. The faded designs included David’s initials on her left wrist and a Hebrew phrased inked on her spine to match the one tatted on the soccer star’s arm, leading some to speculate marital problems between the longtime couple.

Victoria made the announcement on Oct. 13 regarding her decision to de-ink. “They just didn’t look so nice,”She stated this during her appearance Today with Hoda & Jenna. “It doesn’t mean anything more than that.”

The fashion designer continued to explain that her tattoos were her creation. “a long, long time ago,”Had turned to a “sort of bluey”The evolution of color. Victoria was unhappy with the way they looked and decided to change it. “cleanse”a collection of body art was in order.

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