Video captured: 3 women in Philadelphia were brutally attacked as they walked home


Philadelphia police need your help to identify a man who attacked and punched three women as they walked down a residential street.

The video shows the men walking alongside the women along Morris Street around 11:30 PM Wednesday.

The man hits one of the women so hard that she falls to her death without warning. The man punches her friend in the head as she tries to help him.

The third woman attempts to intervene, but is thrown against a wall by the man, who is seen swinging his fists at both her head and body. 

“They were screaming so loud,”Tell a neighbor KYW-TV. “They were screaming for their lives.”

Warning: Below video contains graphic images.

The footage shows the man pacing the sidewalk for several more minutes before walking off.

Neighbors were left anxious by the unprovoked attack.

“It was just ridiculous the way he was beating that young lady. And the other two ladies, they were helpless,” another neighbor said. “They tried their best. Two of them jumped on him and he threw them to the ground.”

The station was informed by a woman who lives near her home. “I’m at the point when it gets dark, I just don’t leave my house.”

Officials announced Thursday that Philadelphia and Pennsylvania State Police will partner to increase police presence in the most difficult areas of the city amid rising crime and violence.

“It’s something they did in the 90s and they are doing it again,”Frank Vanore, Chief Inspector of Philadelphia Police, stated Thursday. “It’s a force multiplier. It’s another unit that we have out there patrolling our very busy streets.”

In a recent survey by the Pew Charitable Trusts, more than 63% of Philadelphia residents said their city was seriously on the wrong track in the highest level of anxiety since the Great Recession.

Only 44% of respondents felt safe in their neighborhood at night, and 65% said that they heard gunshots outside their home in the last year.

“We’re looking for help any way we can get it,”Inspector Vanore.