Video of a California Teen allegedly Sexually Assaulted in an Online Bathroom Circulator


A video showing a student being sex assaulted in the school’s bathroom circulated online. 

The incident reportedly happened on the campus of Hamilton High School in Cheviot Hills, California.

“There are pictures on Instagram. There was video being passed around. It’s kind of hard to avoid it,” one student said.

“There was one female student and a group of males in the bathroom,” LAPD Detective Brett Hopkins revealed. “It is not clear how many were involved, but one had sexual contact with her.”

LAPD says that they are working to get the video and photos out of circulation.

Hamilton High School students were sent by their principal a recorded message. The principal acknowledges that police have opened an investigation but doesn’t give any details on the alleged assault.

“To our knowledge, for the time being, there were no injuries,”She said it in the video. “A school crisis team was activated, and students were given the opportunity to speak to counselors about their concerns.” 

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