Viewers react mixed to the Season 31 Winner of ‘Dancing With the Stars.


Dancing With the StarsThe 31st season’s champion has been officially announced. Charli, TikTok’s personality, won the Mirrorball Trophy after a very close race in week two. There was much discussion on Twitter about the outcome, as each viewer had a particular pair they were rooting for. 

Tyra Banks, co-host, noted that they received the highest number of votes this year for the finalist. You’d see them in action if you could. D’Amelio Shangela and Wayne Brady were the last four celebrity contestants. D’Amelio & Windey won the competition. Both had perfect scores at Monday’s finale. (Shangela came in fourth place, Brady in third) While it was a close contest between the two talented celebrities, D’Amelio was named the winner. 

Fans quickly flocked to Twitter to share thoughts. DWTSThe Season 31 finale. Did they all agree with the result?

Here are some thoughts

This viewer thought D’Amelio was certain to win the title from day one. They also believed Shangela had been robbed.


This is a win

Shangela might not have won the Mirrorball Trophy but it is safe to say that her freestyle performance won over many. It was legendary.



People had hoped that D’Amelio would win. This doesn’t mean that people like the outcome.


Are you confused?

Another viewer was upset that Windey didn’t win. They were also not happy to see Shangela take fourth place.


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