Vin Diesel Threatening To Fight Dwayne Johnson Over Fat Jokes?


Are You Vin DieselAnd Dwayne “The Rock” JohnsonAfter years of hatredful jabs, Diesel is now ready to fight the other. According to one tabloid, Diesel is ready to “duke it out”Johnson, in What would be? “Hollywood’s fight of the century.” Gossip CopInvestigate further to determine if the story is true. 

‘Vin & The Rock Ready To Rumble’What is the best way to get started? 

The National EnquirerVin Diesel, after many years of back and forth jabs is ready to fight Dwayne Johns. “Dwayne’s been taking big shots at Vin for years — and now Vin is ready to fire back,”An insider said. The outlet notes that Johnson and Diesel’s feud first became public after Johnson called some unnamed male co-stars hurtful names on a since-deleted Instagram post, and it’s only gotten worse since then. 

Johnson, apparently “enjoys”Diesel shots “he knows Vin is an insecure guy with an inflated ego that needs constant feeding.” To conclude, the magazine draws attention to Diesel’s weight gain as yet another thing Johnson makes fun of. “Dwayne has been hitting Vin below the belt by mocking him for getting a big belly,”The source was snitches. Diesel was the source of the comments according to an insider. “so furious he’s hinted the feud may even turn physical if Dwayne’s comments don’t stop.” 

Will Dwayne Johnson And Vin Diesel Fight? 

We should be preparing for this. “Hollywood’s fight of the century”What is the best way to get started? Gossip Cop doesn’t think so, as there’s no evidence Diesel is trying to get Johnson in a fight. Two professional actors is a great idea. A little feud could lead to some violence amongst each other. doesn’t seem at all realistic. The essence of the matter is that National EnquirerThe entire feud was blown out of proportion in order to add intrigue and interest to its story. The actors aren’t best friends, but it makes no sense to make up this story about Dwayne Johnson secretly making fat jokes.

The magazine also brings up Diesel’s “big belly”Out of the blue. However, it seems like the tabloid is the only one obsessing about Diesel’s appearance, not Johnson. “People around him say he’s packed on over 50 pounds!”Another horrible Diesel story was reported by the outlet last month. But, you can still get Diesel if you look at Vin Diesel’s Instagram, it’s immediately apparent the actor didn’t gain a life-threatening amount of weight. To sell its lies, the tabloid uses hyperbole to make up stories.

A History Of Ridiculous Stories

Another reason it’s almost impossible to believe the National Enquirer’s latest story is its history of false reports. The magazine promised a vicious feud between Nicole Kidman, Amber Heard. This was completely false. It claimed that tensions between Steve Harvey, Michael B. Jordan, were at an all-time high, but they have continued to be happy together, even though the claims were made just a few months back. Feuds may sound dramatic, but for the tabloids, they’re just another lie to sell.