Vince Gilligan: Fans Can’t Wait to See the Finale


Vince Gilligan, series creator of Better Call Saul, is preparing for the finale of Better Call Saul. “can’t wait”It is available for fans to view. Speaking during the AMC TCA panel —which was in attendance for — Gilligan opened up about the show’s impending conclusion, saying, “It is awesome, I cant wait for people to see it. It is such a delight.”Gilligan revealed that he does not plan to continue Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul stories, contrary to some rumors. 

“You gotta know when to leave the party,”He added: “I don’t have any more plans right now to do anything more in this universe.”Gilligan said that he would like to do something to prove that he isn’t a fraud. “one trick pony.”Bob Odenkirk is also a series star and has other projects in the pipeline. He plans to mix it up. “I’m looking to do something different,”During the TCA panel, he said these words. He said that Better Call Saul was his favorite movie because it allowed him to have so much fun. “pure comedy” “pure drama”The same show. Odenkirk says Odenkirk went into showbiz because he wanted to do other things. “I’m excited to do something tonally different and then something totally tonally different than that,”He said.

Better Call SaulSeason 6 is the final season of the show and features 13 episodes instead of the normal 10 episodes. “I think the fans of Better Call Saul are going to be very happy with how we wrap up this series. I was really pleased with it. It’s got character growth, and change, and consequences, and pain and I can’t say anymore,”Odenkirk had previously spoken to PopCulture regarding the prequel series. It follows Jimmy McGill, a con artist trying to establish a new life as an honorable lawyer. McGill spirals into Saul Goodman during the show’s six seasons. Goodman was the outgoing and eccentric attorney that he first became famous for. Breaking Bad.

The coming end of the world is being discussed Better Call SaulCo-creator of the show,? Peter Gould Previously stated, “From the beginning when we started this, I think all our hopes and dreams were to be able to tell the whole story … and make it to be a complete story from beginning to end.”He said, “We’re going to try like hell to stick the landing of these 63 episodes.”The sixth and final season Better Call Saul premiered on April 18 and then returned for its final six episodes on Monday, July 11. AMC will air the series finale on Monday, August 15.

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