Violent piranha attacks leave four dead and more then 20 injured


Paraguay has seen four beach-goers killed by vicious piranha attack. Twenty others were also injured.

A 22-year-old man was killed in the attack and went missing while on the beaches.

His family contacted the police, and following a 45-minute search, the man’s body was found to have been badly mauled by the deadly fish with notoriously sharp teeth.

The attack occurred while he was swimming in the Paraguay River, south of the capital Asuncion, at Itá Enramada on January 2, Mirror Online reports.

Forensic investigations revealed that the 22 year-old victim had been attacked by piranhas in his water, as they targeted his face.

A 22-year-old man went missing while swimming in the the Paraguay River with friends was killed in a sudden piranha attack
Unsuspecting 22-year old man was swimming with his friends in the Paraguay River when he went missing. He was then killed by a sudden piranha attack

It is rare for piranhas not to be aggressive but there have been many attacks on the region.

Another 49-year old man was killed in Paraguay, Puerto Rosario. His body was found in bite wounds, after he had been reported missing.

Reports indicate that two other victims were also killed in the Tebicuary, Villa Florida in Misiones. Their bodies were found with piranha bites. La Nacion.

While it is unusual for piranhas to be so aggressive, there have been numerous attacks in the region
It is not usual for piranhas in the region to be so aggressive. However, there have been several attacks.

There have also been many other reports of swimmers being bitten with more than seven reported on just New Year’s Day on the beach at the Bella Vista swimming club in Itapua.

Adrian Cardoza, the manager of the club, stated that they are considering putting chemicals into the water to repel the piranhas.

Biologist Julio Javier Capli told outlet Piranhas are able to hide behind floating vegetation and attack people by hiding in rivers.

The fatal incident occurred at Itá Enramada, a beach on the Paraguay river
The fatal incident occurred at Itá Enramada, a beach on the Paraguay river

He stated that they are more likely to attack in the breeding season, but also in hot weather. Weather When rivers have low water levels.

Piranhas are known to move in groups, and the male piranha is the one that attacks the young. The bites occur underwater, so the predator is not jumping like terror movies.

Forensic examinations suggest he was attacked by piranhas in the water who targeted his face
Forensic tests suggest that he was attacked by piranhas in water who targeted him on the face.

These freshwater killers recently struck in the Paraná River in Argentina, where a man’s toe was bitten off in December 2021.

The grisly footage shows the man showing a bloodied stump near his toe, while others around him panic.

The injured father was out on a family trip when he and the son were attacked by a shoal ravenous pirates.

The gut wrenching images show the father missing a big foot and the son with an open wound in his heel.