Vladimir Putin asserts war is on and will continue until Ukraine yields – World News


According to Britain’s top military chief, Russia has been plagued by low morale reports. “got into a mess”Vladimir Putin’s forces are “decimated”

Despite reports that forces are being reported, Vladimir Putin claimed his illegal invasion plan for Ukraine. “decimated”- And he said he would stop the bombardment if citizens cease defending themselves.

Russia is being plagued by low morale among soldiers, realising that they were lied to by Russia’s top military chief. “got into a mess”.

Today, the Ukrainian ministry of defense stated that it was inflicting “maximum losses”Putin’s military as the bloody war enters its eleventh year.

After an hour-long conversation with Tayyip Erdogan, the Russian President who has made Turkey a pariah country, the Russian President remains determined.

According to a Kremlin statement, he maintains that Russia will only stop its military operations if Ukraine ceases fighting and meets all demands.

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Erdogan is reported to have heard Putin tell Erdogan that the onslaught was moving according to plan. “more constructive” approach.

Russian leaders said Ukraine must take the following into consideration “reality on the ground”.

Reports of civilians being attacked by Russian troops have led to the Russian president being called a war criminal. Today, 1.5 million people fled Ukraine.

His country is also experiencing a backlash as Russians demonstrate against the invasion.

The defense ministry of Ukraine released this statement today: “The eleventh day of the heroic confrontation of the Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion began.

“In order to protect certain borders, the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Security and Defense Forces units are fighting fierce battles.

“The opponent, suffering losses, is making constant attempts to avoid direct fire contact with our troops.”

Ukraine has stated that its latest update shows it is “imposing maximum losses”Russian forces trying advance in the South East, North and East of the country

His office stated that Erdogan had urged Putin to declare a truce, open humanitarian corridors, and sign a peace accord.

“President Erdogan renewed his call of ‘let’s pave the way for peace together’,”His office confirmed the statement.

“Erdogan emphasised the importance of taking urgent steps to achieve a ceasefire, open humanitarian corridors and sign a peace agreement.”

It comes as Britain’s top military chief today said Russia has “got itself into a mess” with the invasion, morale in Moscow’s forces is low and the Kremlin lost more troops in a week than the UK did in 20 years in Afghanistan.

Admiral Tony Radakin, Chief of Defence Staff, warned that Vladimir Putin would launch a fierce and indiscriminate attack against the Ukrainian people.

Sir Tony Radakin said this to BBC’s Sunday Morning “This invasion is not going well for Russia… It’s less powerful than it was 10 days ago.

“Russia cannot continue… We must have faith that what we are doing is right”.

He added: “We do know that some of the lead elements of Russian forces have been decimated by the Ukrainian response.”

But Sir Tony warned that Russian aggression could escalate. He stated: “I think there is a real risk because Russia is struggling with its objectives on the ground in Ukraine – and we’ve seen from Russia’s previous actions in Syria and in Chechnya – where it will turn up the violence, it will lead to more indiscriminate killing and more indiscriminate destruction.”