Vladimir Putin is accused of taking 121,000 children from Ukraine


Vladimir Putin is accused of having stooped 121,000 Ukrainian children.

Sergiy Kyslytsya, Ukraine’s United Nations Ambassador, stated that most were taken from Mariupol to Taganrog (70 miles away in Russia).

A source close to the intelligence said that the intention was to have the Ukrainian children adopted into Russian families.

Source: “They have effectively been stolen in the same way Russian soldiers have looted homes for TVs and air conditioners to mail home to their families.”

Putin is said to have accelerated the adoption process for orphans. This includes those who are not related to their parents.

According to UN children’s agency, 4.8million of Ukraine’s 7.5 million youngsters fled their homes six weeks ago after the invasion.

Vladimir Putin could have stolen as many 121,000 Ukrainian kids, according to new allegations
New allegations suggest that Vladimir Putin could be responsible for the theft of as many as 121,000 Ukrainian children.

Manuel Fontaine, Unicef’s director of emergency programs, told the UN Security Council that two-thirds (or more) of the country’s children were being displaced. “quite incredible”. He stated that he had heard of reports that children were being taken to Russia, but added: “We don’t have yet the access that we need to have to be able to look and verify and see if we can assist.”

Fontaine stated that 2.8 million of the children who were displaced still lived in Ukraine, while 2m live in other countries.

He said: “They have been forced to leave everything behind – their homes, their schools and often their family members.

“I’ve heard horror stories about parents taking desperate measures to bring their children safety. The UN confirmed that at least 142 children died and 229 were hurt in the conflict.

"I have heard stories of the desperate steps parents are taking to get their children to safety', said a Unicef director
Unicef Director, Judith A. Smith said that she has heard of parents taking desperate measures to bring their children safety.

A surgeon treating the war-wounded in Kyiv has claimed Vladimir Putin’s troops are planting bombs in children’s teddy bears in a sick strategy to torment ordinary Ukrainians.

Oleksandr Yantsyna (a trained urologist) claimed that Russians are determined for the death of Ukrainian children.

It could be part of a psychological warfare strategy. ‘twist the minds’locals to make their lives difficult and to weaken them so that they give up on resisting.

He said: “First we had the catastrophic injuries from the bombs, then the shooting, next the mines scattered along the roads but worst of all are the stuffed toys filled with explosives.

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