Vladimir Putin makes impossible demands of the army while he controls Ukraine invasion. World News


Russian President Vladimir Putin is rumored to have taken control of his military’s failing Ukraine invasion. This gives battle-weary generals another target before Victory Day next Wednesday

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Putin is ‘worried’About coup: Commentator

Vladimir Putin has claimed that he has taken complete control of the day-today war in Ukraine.

According to reports, the Russian President has left his military officers behind “shock”As he tries to put an end to the invading army, he makes impossible demands.

As Victory Day celebrations near May 9, the despot is reported to have lost patience in dealing with his generals.

It marks the date Nazi Germany was defeated at the end of World War II in 1945. Putin had been celebrating Russia with the holiday.

It is believed that the 69 year-old leader has directed his battle-weary generals, to seize the city of Kryvyi Rih. This is the birthplace for President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine.

The Kremlin could use such a symbolic victory to mask the slowing military campaign.

Poor coordination and out-of-date equipment have caused problems for the Russian army. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian defense is focused and has a clear goal.

Moscow troops have failed to capture capital Kyiv and they then retreat to focus on the east, even though that front isn’t making much headway.

Mujtaba Rahman was informed by a senior EU source, that Putin had been a director at Eurasia. “now taken day-to day-control of the conflict”Reports The Daily Express

Kryvyi Rih is now his key target. It is Ukraine’s 2nd largest city in area, with an estimated one million inhabitants.

Social media users “UOI”The author of this article,, was a frequent commentator about events in Ukraine. “Putin is demanding that Dvornikov take Kryvyi Rih, Zelensky’s homeland, by May 9.

“From communication interceptions, we are informed that Russian officers were in shock.

“They have losses of 400 soldiers a day killed and wounded, and their equipment keeps breaking down.”

This comes just a month after General Aleksandr Dvornikov, who was charged with the invasion of the Donbass region to the east, was appointed.

Despite having inferior numbers, the Ukrainians refuse to give up.

They have been able inflict severe casualties through counterstrikes, tactical retreats and guerrilla warfare.

After being captured in artillery fire near Izyum, the head of Moscow’s military narrowly managed to escape with his life.

General Valery Georasimov had just taken command of the Izyum Axis days earlier.

Russian forces seek to push south toward Slovyansk.

However, the Russian HQ was attacked by the defending forces and multiple officers were killed, including General Andrey Simonov who is the commander of electronic warfare forces in the West district.

ArsenAvakov, an ex-minister of Internal Affairs, said that Gerasimov was able escape the attack with minor leg injuries.

Victor Kovalenko, veteran officer, tweets: “Yesterday’s Ukraine attack on the Rus. HQ in Izium was designed to liquidate the high-value target – chief of Gen. Staff of RAF Gen. Valeriy Gerasimov.

“He was sent by the Kremlin to win for the May 9 parade. Gerasimov was injured but was near the blast.

“Gen. Gerasimov suffered a minor shrapnel wound to his right shin without breaking a bone.”

Anton Gerashchenko is an advisor to Minister of Internal Affairs. “We received confirmation of yesterday’s explosion in Izium (Eastern Ukraine) near the Russian headquarters.

“It is known that Gerasimov, the Russian Head General Staff, was there to direct the attack on Sloviansk.

“A large number of casualties among senior Russian officers has been confirmed.”