Wales School Finds Mummified Saltwater Crocodile Under Classroom Floor While Renovating


A school in Wales recently made an unexpected find in its floorboards when a mummified crocodile was discovered. The remains of this ancient reptile were found beneath a classroom floor where they had lived for many years. 

Students are still trying to figure out how to handle the ex-saltwater crocodile discovered during renovation work. 

Crocodiles aren’t even remotely native to Wales, so the question remains: how did it end up there?

“We aren’t exactly sure, to be honest,” headteacher Dr. Neil Pike said. “The story might be to do with the fact that during World War II, they wanted to keep things safe.”

“It might have just been the case of they had enough of it and thought what better than put a crocodile under the school floor and threaten the children to behave.”

Studies have shown that children behave better when there’s a large, dead reptile around.

And, now that the secret is out, the saltwater crocodile’s body has been cleaned up and will be on display. 

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