Walmart and Kroger Increase Prices for COVID-19 At Home Tests


Walmart and Kroger are joining other retailers in increasing the price of COVID-19 test kit kits at-home.

According to a White House StatementKroger and Walmart agreed previously to sell Abbott Laboratories’ kit at 35 percent less or at-cost through mid-December 2021. This would eliminate any profit during the initial sales period.

Without the retailer markups, the two-test kits originally cost $14, and now that the agreement to sell the kits for a lower price has ended, the prices have since risen to $23.99, aAccording to CBS News.

According to a Walmart spokesperson, the company continued to offer the tests for the lower price through the holidays but currently Walmart’s kits that were originally priced lower are currently listed at $19.98 and are Out of stock online

Other retailers, such as CVS, had already been selling kits at a higher price, and are also out of stock, CBS News.

According to CBS News, the companies are having trouble keeping up with the increased demand for Omicron-related testing kits.

“We have seen significant demand for at-home Covid-19 testing kits and are working closely with our suppliers to meet this demand and get the needed product to our customers,”In a statement to CBS MoneyWatch, a Walmart spokesperson stated that Walmart is a good partner for CBS MoneyWatch.