War on Water: Florida Mom Claims Jet Skiers Harass Daughter’s High School Rowing Teams


A Florida mother is sounding the alarm about what she says are dangerous jet skiers creating a hazard for her daughter’s high school rowing team.

Video posted by Violette de Ayala shows two jet skis recklessly accelerating past the team’s coach on a boat off the coast of Miami, spraying her with waves of water.

“It was so horrific to see that video,” de Ayala tells Inside Edition. “The jet skiers have really created a huge problem for us. They target our kids and our coaches.”

She said that the jet ski bullies are a constant nuisance and often cancel practice.

“They harass us, they spray us with water intentionally, they say horrible words to us as minors,” de Ayala’s daughter Margaux said. 

It’s gotten so bad, the Miami Police Department’s marine patrol has gotten involved.

“It is very, very dangerous. These rowers could fall off their vessels or their boats and they could get hurt. They could seriously get hurt. Not only by that one jet ski, but by the other jet skis that are nearby,” Officer Arturo Del Castillo said.

The marine patrol invited Inside Edition chief investigative correspondent Lisa Guerrero along on a recent jet ski patrol looking for riders speeding through waterways designated no wake zones.

Officer Del Castillo pulled several jet skis from the water and gave them speeding citations.

Jet skis reach speeds of 60 mph, but they don’t have brakes. He says this makes them dangerous to get too close or behind the boats.

“It’s just a matter of time before one of our kids is killed,” De Ayala said. 

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