Was a California dermatologist able to poison her husband with Drano?


A California dermatologist is suspected of poisoning her husband with drain cleaner in several incidents allegedly captured on a home surveillance camera. 

Yue Yu was arrested on Aug. 5 and later released on bail.

Radiologist Jack Chen says secretly recorded images show his wife spiking his drink with Drano on three occasions at their Irvine home. He claims that his wife took the liquid blocker from the sink and put it in his hot lemonade.

Chen also claimed that his wife had abused him and their children emotionally and physically for many years. 

Yu appeared in court on Thursday and was temporarily prohibited from seeing her preteen children. 

Yu’s attorney, David E. Wohl, says his client is innocent.

“We believe, once again, that this was a set up by the father in order to gain custody and establish a divorce between he and his wife and then pursue her assets,”Wohl. 

Wohl said Yu was using Drano to fix an existing plumbing problem.

“She did not ever use it to poison her husband. She’s a 45-year-old well-respected dermatologist, who would never harm anyone, much less her husband and her children,”Wohl. 

But Chen’s attorney argues his client suffered internal injuries after he drank the Drano.

“There are three separate videos. Each one shows her going under the sink, taking the bottle of Drano, putting a portion of Drano into his drink,” Steven Hittelman said.

Prosecutors did not file any charges. A hearing was scheduled for November.

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