Was Princess Eugenie a Crop for Kate Middleton in Jubilee Photo


Princess Eugenie accidentally stirred the hornet’s nest after she made a post dedicated to her grandmother Queen ElizabethFollowing the Platinum Jubilee celebration. Eugenie was accused in a deliberate attempt to cut both Kate Middleton Camilla Parker BowlesFrom a photo taken from the balcony at Trooping the Colour, some royal fans were furious. There’s another reason for the unfortunate cropping, however, that proves these fans were a bit too hasty with their criticism. 

Princess Eugenie Blamed for Claimed Kate Middleton Crop Job

Though the British tabloids predicted there’d be major fireworks between the Sussexes, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and the Cambridges, Prince William and Kate Middleton, the festivities went off without a hitch or hint of familial drama. That’s why some royal fans were surprised to see an Instagram post by Princess Eugenie that appeared to crop two major players in the royal family out of a photo with Queen Elizabeth. 

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Eugenie uploaded a series of 10 photos to her Instagram account that covered the entire Jubilee weekend. The second photo however was a balcony shot showing Queen Elizabeth standing alongside Prince Charles and Prince William and their respective wives Camilla Bowles, and Kate Middleton. The photo was cropped to remove both royal women, which royal fans quickly noticed. 

Original Photo

“Why did you cut out Kate???”One commenter wrote. Another commented. “Oof that crop. Cheeky, Your Royal Highness.” Both comments came complete with laughing emojis, so it was clear that these two, at least, weren’t bothered by the appearance of a snub. Eugenie was, however, given the riot act by others. “petty” action.

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“Well well [princess].. I discovered your account and there are almost no pictures of WK [William and Kate] or CC [Charles and Camilla] but there are pictures of HM’s [Harry and Meghan]. you even crop the photo. you make me sick with lies like #megxit…” one detractor wrote. A second said they’d “lost some respect” over the photo’s cropping, adding “Is that something your Grannie would approve of?”

“Lovely photos but why would you cut out the next two Queens, Carmilla and Catherine,”One follower asked, “Chiding?” “Very petty my dear.”Another person echoed the sentiment and added that it “puts you in a bad light more than those you cut out.” 

Click The Second Photo to See The Crop

Several commenters connected the cropping to Princess Eugenie and her sister Princess Beatrice’s close relationship with their cousin Prince Harry and his family. “So you cropped Camilla and Catherine out of the picture? How low can you go? Bootlicker for the Sussexes?”One user sneered at me. 

Unsolicited warnings from a different writer “Eugenie darling, be careful your country might boo you next,”In obvious reference to rumors, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were booed by the crowd during their brief appearance at Platinum Jubilee. 

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Others tried to calm the anger by pointing out the facts, despite all the vitriol. It’s highly unlikely that Eugenie meant to crop Camilla Parker Bowles and Kate Middleton out of the photo. It would be very outlandish for her to openly mock a family member on a public platform like Instagram. This instead has all the hallmarks a classic Instagram error. 

The Facts

One follower stood up for Eugenie, insisting that the mom-of-one hadn’t cropped Middleton and Parker Bowles out on purpose. They explained. “Instagram won’t allow you to load vertical photos with horizontal ones. If you’ve ever loaded a post into Instagram you would know this. If the bulk of your photos are vertical as they are here then the horizontal ones included won’t show the entire length of the image.”

They concluded that the cause of the chaos was “People trying to make mischief where there is none intended as per usual.”This seems to be the case. Prince Louis, Middleton and William’s youngest child, was also cut out of the photo, which went largely unnoticed by the swarm of angry commenters. This adorable little troublemaker must be removed from every photo.

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