Washington State Police: A Man Was Caught Driving a U-Haul Truck With An SUV.


It’s not every day a driver is seen hauling an SUV inside a U-Haul truck. It happened recently on a 2-lane highway, four hours east of Seattle. Officials claimed that even worse was the fact that the SUV was only being held with one strap. 

John Bryant, Washington State Trooper shared photos on Twitter of the strange ordeal. “I suppose it’s moving season,”Bryant captioned Bryant’s photo. 

“That’s kind of the things we look at, we as troopers,”Bryant stated to Inside Edition Digital that another officer saw the U-Haul as it was moving. “Should this be driving on the road? Is it safe?

“If you look at the photos, it’s hazardous,” he continued. “I mean, there’s no bones about it. No matter how many comments I get on social media saying, ‘Well, it’s not that bad.’ It is pretty bad. It’s not a good thing.”

Officers pulled the driver over, and looked into his situation. “They found that his license had been suspended and that he was on a warrant for an earlier suspension for which he failed to appear in court.” Bryant said.

In addition, the rented U-Haul was overdue, Bryant said.

“U-Haul was upset, to put it mildly, that their vehicle hadn’t been returned in quite a while,” he said. “I don’t know what the number of days were, and that day the manager told our trooper that they were actually going to list the vehicle as stolen because it hadn’t been returned.” 

The U-Haul driver was cited $139 by Washington State Troopers for an unsecured load. The motorist will now have to deal with a suspended license, the warrant issued in the previous incident and U-Haul. But, as Bryant stated, the situation could have been a lot worse for the driver. 

“A lot of folks will walk on the side of the road,” he said. “So if that thing bounces out of there, hits a pedestrian, or hits a car, the things that you can imagine that could happen would be not good.”

Overall, Bryant said, the best thing for people to do while driving is to be smart and safe. 

“Safety on the roadways,” he said. “Besides the, ‘watch your speed, don’t drive impaired, wear a seatbelt,’ and things like that. But it’s the other little things. Watch what you’re doing. Don’t follow too close. Try and be kind to each other while driving on the road.”

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