Watch Chip & Jo in Never-Before-Seen Fixer upper Casting Tape


ChipAnd Joanna Gaines truly You nailed itThis casting tape is for you! 

The handy couple from Texas released a never-before seen video on Wednesday, January 5. Fixer-Upper casting video from 2012, in honor of the launch of their new network, Magnolia Network. The video features Chip and Joanna, who are baby-faced and introduce their company.

“This is a typical flip that we do,”Joanna is seen standing outside a Waco home, Texas, in the video. “It’s one of those homes that sit in a neighborhood, that’s very traditional and established.”

“Do you think our on-screen chemistry is coming out?”Chip questions Joanna in this clip.

Joanna continues the clip by showing off a building “where it all started”Magnolia Homes. Joanna bought it when she was first married and used it to run a gift shop selling unique and home-made items. 

And finally, to truly HammerIt home? Chip is seen asking questions from a seat on the toilet. “How could you not want to watch this show?”