Watch Nick Cannon help his twins, Toddlers, learn to walk


One small step for a toddler and one big leap for the Cannon Family.

Nick CannonHe proudly shared a video featuring his son Zillion Heir taking his first steps on Instagram, July 10, 2012It was not easy, however.

The reposted TikTokFrom Abby De La Rosa, the dad-of-eight is seen trying to coach their 13-month-old, who unsteadily tries to walk over to his mom. 

“We tried the Mexican myth that if you give your baby two limes to hold, they’ll walk,” Abbey explained in the adorable video. However, the approach wasn’t very effective as Zillion was seen falling down, throwing the fruit and crying.

Then, “Nick suggested we put some sauce in his walk,”She continued. “It worked.”

Zillion began to walk like a pro with some green packaged sauce right in front of his feet.

In the clip, the toddler’s twin sister Zion Mixolydian can briefly be seen standing on her own in the background, clearly having mastered the skill earlier.