Watch Zayn Malik Sing One Direction’s “Night Changes”8 Years Later


Even though the day may change, it won’t affect how well you sleep. Zayn MalikYou can sing this song.

The 29-yearold shared rare footage of him singing the song. One Direction jam “Night Changes,”Which is currently the No.1 song by boy band. Spotify. Zayn’s latest performance is well worth a listen. Watch his video Here.

Fans were quick to comment on his performance and to praise the One Direction song. One user wrote, “zayn singing 1d songs in 2022 is literally the best thing could ever happen.”(After all, there was some drama). Liam Payne(Earlier this year.)

Another person chimed in to declare “Omg my ears are blessed.”

In the meantime, another user wrote. “NIGHT CHANGES!??YOUR VOICE!??? YOU!????”

Fast forward almost seven years, and fans might recall March 25, 2015, when Zayn officially left One Direction.

The then-22-year old broke the news to his fans via social media at the time of his departure.