Watchdog Org Declares Jen Psaki’s Fox News Comments Violate Ethics


White House Press Secretary Jen PsakiA watchdog organization has been reprimanded by her for comments made about Fox News. The organization is not officially affiliated with the US Government, but it’s worth hearing out the complaint.

What Did She Say?

A much-ballyhooed version of Pod Save AmericaPsaki was asked by a reporter if Fox News anchor Peter Doocy is alive. “stupid son of a bitch or just plays one on TV.”After President Biden was caught calling Doocy the exact same thing on a hot mic, Psaki made this statement. Psaki was careful with her words, but not enough.

“He works for a network that provides people with questions that, nothing personal to any individual including Peter Doocy, but might make anyone sound like a stupid son of a bitch”Psaki replied. It seems like she didn’t want to openly antagonize Doocy specifically, but the Fox News critics are invited to pivotUnsurprisingly, it was controversial.

Protect People’s Trust 

The White House Secretary should not openly criticize major networks. Although it is unlikely, Psaki was only answering a question relevant to the matter and wasn’t using any of the verbiage. A watchdog group focused on misconduct, Protect the Public’s Trust, is now targeting Psaki over her comments.

PPT is proud to be a watchdog of politics and root out ethical violations. It’s recommending a formal investigation of Psaki because it believes she will soon be employed by MSNBC. It regards it as a conflict-of-interest for a sitting press officer to work for a news station. Bashing Fox News is an opportunity for her to give an edge to her future employer.

One might wonder what the organization is. Its website says, “The American people deserve a government that is impartial, free from conflicts of interest and operates without political interference or favoritism. Our goal is to ensure our nation fulfills that promise.”

It’s worth noting the director, Michael Chamberlain, was recently sharing Breitbart and Fox News articles on his Twitter, which are typically right-leaning organizations. He just shared this piece about how college students don’t want to be challenged by conservative speakers.

Criticized Before

Psaki isn’t without faults. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington also complained Psaki committed an unethical act. It believes she supported a political candidate at a briefing. This is partisan thinking. This organization also criticized Donald Trump’s press secretary Kellyanne Conway for the same behavior. Psaki works hard, and people are watching her closely now.

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