Waukesha parade Rampage suspect Darrell Brooks Allegedly ran over mother of his child days earlier


After allegedly hitting spectators at a Waukesha, Wisconsin holiday parade on Sunday, a 39-year-old amateur rapper was taken into custody. He allegedly killed five and injured at least 48 others.

Police believe Darrell Brooks deliberately drove his SUV into the crowd. 

An SUV that looks like the vehicle seen in the rampage also appears in one of Brooks’ music videos. Inside Edition documents reveal that Brooks has a history in using his SUV to kill.

He was released from jail just two days prior to Sunday’s horror after being accused of deliberately running over his mother at gas station.

The parade was chaotic as the vehicle speeded through the crowd in horrifying videos. 

The SUV narrowly missed a little girl wearing pink who was dancing on the street. It plowed into high school cheerleading team moments later.

The band continued to play, seemingly unaware of the chaos unfolding one block ahead.

Then, the police cars flashed by.

Another video shows the SUV hitting another high school band performing Christmas music from a view above the parade route.

Also in the killer’s path: the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies — a popular troupe of local seniors.

“Our group was doing what they loved, performing in front of crowds in a parade putting smiles on faces of all ages,”The troupe released a statement.

Virginia Sorenson was a retired nurse aged 79 with six grandkids.

Parade-goers who were celebrating the holiday tradition in their small town found themselves in a terrible situation. Victims died and were injured on the streets. There were many people searching for their loved ones and cries of helplessness.  

The driver fled and was only able to escape with a few more victims. A cop opened fire three times.

The red SUV used in the rampage, with its front end severely damaged, was found in a nearby driveway. Brooks was taken into custody a short distance from the scene.

Although initially it was believed the rampage was terrorist, there are published reports that Brooks fled after he was involved in a knifing.

There are still 18 children in the hospital. One 81-year-old male was the victim of the eldest death.

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