Waukesha Parade Suspect Stole a Sandwich from a Random Man Before His Arrest


Wisconsin man speaks out after he unknowingly sheltered Darrell Brooks, Waukesha parade-rage suspect, just before his arrest.

Brooks was seen walking up to random houses on Ring camera footage after allegedly driving into Sunday’s holiday parade.

“I caught an Uber and I’m supposed to be waiting for it over here, but I don’t know when it’s coming. Can you call it, pretty please?”Brooks said “through the door.” He wasn’t wearing a coat and was shivering.

Dan Rider, the homeowner who thought he was homeless, actually allowed him to enter and even provided a sandwich.

“I get him a ham sandwich and he’s sitting here on my phone pretty much the whole time talking to his mom,”Rider said. “A lot of it I couldn’t understand, to be honest. He was yelling and I heard ‘mama’ a lot.”

Rider claims he was suspicious of a passing squad car. He then escorted Brooks outside.

“I said, ‘I saw a squad car go by. I’m not comfortable. I need you to leave,’”Rider said. “And he listened to me. He said, ‘OK.’”

The next video from the Ring camera shows Rider leaving the home with Brooks, Brooks in a jacket that Brooks was given by the homeowner.

They were spotted by a neighbor who called 911.

“I knew something was out of the ordinary and not right, so I immediately went up my driveway and called 911,”Inside Edition was told by the neighbor. “I said, ‘The man that you’re looking for in Waukesha is at my neighbor’s house.”

Brooks was still standing on the porch at the time police arrested him. The police then interrogated Rider, who claimed he did not know Brooks.

There are more details about the massacre victims, including three Dancing Grannies troop members.

Wisconsin governor has ordered flags to be reduced to half staff for each victim’s funeral.

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