Wayne Rooney from WAGatha gives evidence during the trial


Wayne Rooney provided evidence today in Coleen Rooney’s libel defense with Rebekah Vady.

On Tuesday, May 17, the ex-england captain, 36, stated that he was a former captain. “no knowledge”Rebekah’s “sting operation” by his wife, Rebekah (40), which culminated in the famous tweet of October 2019.

Coleen Rooney was famous for claiming that Rebekah’s Instagram account leak information from her private Instagram account. Rebekah continues to sue Coleen for libel.

Today, we look at seven things that the Derby County manager told us in court.

Coleen’s experience with the trial

On the witness stand, Wayne Rooney opened up about how the Wagatha Christie trial had effected wife Coleen
Wayne Rooney spoke on the witness stand about Coleen’s reaction to the Wagatha Christi trial.

Wayne said to the court that his wife was now a judge. “a different mother and wife”Since October 2019, and that the legal proceedings had been “traumatic”.

He said: “I don’t think anyone wants to be in court. For me and my wife we don’t want to be in court. I certainly don’t, I don’t think my wife wants to be in that situation.

“I have watched my wife over the last two and a half years really struggle with what’s going on. She is a different woman, a different mother.

“It’s been traumatic for my wife throughout the situation and hopefully whatever the judgement is in this case myself, my wife and our children can go on and live our lives because it’s not something we want to be part of.”

He heard the details for the first time.

He also confirmed the 'first time' he had heard details of Coleen's social media sting
He also confirmed that he heard Coleen’s details via social media for the first time.

Wayne said that it was a “long week”It was the “first time” he was hearing details of Coleen’s investigation that has been making headlines for nearly three years.

He claimed that Coleen had in 2017 mentioned she was “upset”The story was about someone who leaked information from her private Instagram account. However, they never discussed it again.

He stated: “My wife explained she believed the stories from the private Instagram account were getting leaked. I’m not big on social media. And I didn’t want to get involved.

“I think my wife is an independent woman who has her own things and I didn’t want to get involved at all in the way the situation was.”

He stated: “I have been here to support my wife and this week has been the first week I have had any understanding of how it all happened.”

Chat about ‘Awkward’

Wayne claimed to have had an 'awkward' chat with Jamie Vardy about his wife Rebekah
Wayne said that he had a ‘wrong’ conversation with Jamie Vardy regarding his wife Rebekah.

Wayne also confirmed that he spoke with Jamie Vardy regarding his wife Rebekah, after Roy Hodgson told him she was required to. “calm down”.

Silver Screen Beat published a 2016 article about the alleged conversation. Jamie Vardy and Rebekah Vardy both deny that this conversation ever took place.

Wayne stated today that he was “pulled aside” by England’s then-manager Roy Hodgson and assistant manager Gary Neville and asked to speak to Vardy about Rebekah’s column in Silver Screen Beat.

Wayne said that he still remembers the conversation “as it was so awkward”The match took place in a game room, where the England team spent their time playing. “darts and pool”.

He stated to the court: “They asked me, as captain, would I be able to speak to Mr Vardy on issues we have had with his wife.

“I think we all know it was an awkward subject to ask me to speak to Mr Vardy and ask him to speak to his wife, and ask him to ask his wife to calm down and not bring any issues off the field which was unnecessary.

“We had a games room with a darts board and table tennis and I sat down with Mr Vardy and I spoke to him. I remember he had a can of Red Bull and I had a coffee. I remember details of that conversation because it was such an awkward moment for me to have to speak to him.”

Wayne agreed. “a lot of made up stories”About players and their partners in press, but said: “I know I spoke to Jamie 100%”.

He also added: “Whether he goes on to give that information to his wife that’s entirely his choice but that’s not down to me.”

Rebekah Facetiming Jamie at Euros was her ‘always’ job

He also claimed that Rebekah was 'always FaceTiming' Jamie at the Euros
Rebekah, he claimed, was ‘always FaceTiming Jamie’ at the 2016 Euros.

Wayne was asked if he remembers a Facetime conversation with Rebekah following the revelations about the chat.

Rebekah claims that she asked Wayne about the Sun article while on Facetime and Wayne said nothing.

He stated: “I don’t recall that conversation ever taking place.

“What I do recall is Mrs Vardy was on Facetime a lot throughout the tournament with Jamie. In the lads down time we played darts and pool, Mrs Vardy was almost there with the team. She was on Facetime a lot.”

Wayne “not good” on social media

Wayne also told the court he was 'not big' on social media
Wayne said to Wayne that he is not big on social media.

Wayne had his own Instagram account, which he called “The Wayne.” ‘Wazzaroon08’He said that he was. “not very active on”.

He stated: “I’m not big on social media. We have four children to look after. Social media for me is the least of my worries. I want to look after my children and my wife.

“How Coleen was going about the business of Instagram, whatever she was doing, I had no knowledge of.”

Sun journalists don’t speak with Wayne

The former footballer said he has 'never spoken to a Sun journalist on a personal level'
The Sun journalist was a former footballer who said that he has never spoken to him on a personal level.

Hugh Tomlinson QC for Vardy was quoted as saying to Wayne: “Because you’re from Liverpool speaking to Sun journalists is regarded as something that shouldn’t be done.”

Wayne stated: “Yeah I think everyone knows the history between Liverpool and Silver Screen Beat newspaper.

“I have never spoke to a Sun journalist on a personal level. Because as a manager of a football club there’s journalists in the press conferences and I spoke to them there but on a personal level I don’t speak to them.”

Wayne was in the USA when Wagatha broke

He also confirmed to have been in the US when Wagatha Christie broke in 2019
He also confirmed that he was in the US at Wagatha Christie’s breaking in 2019.

Wayne stated to the court that he first heard about the sting operation while in America, and Coleen was in England.

He stated: “I wake up, I’m not sure what the date is, the date of the reveal post. With the time difference, I was in the US and my wife was in England.

“I had seen, I think it must have been about 2pm or 1pm in England, and I had seen my wife had put a post out and that was the first knowledge I had of that.

“Of course I spoke to my wife, I spoke to [my advisor]. I tried to see what was going on because it was a surprise to me.”

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