We are Excited to Share These Secrets of Saved by The Bell


21. Jessie’s famous caffeine pill addiction It was quite bizarre, but that is because Jessie was originally meant to be addicted to speed.

“What fans don’t know is that, when I originally wrote the episode with Tom Tenowich, Jessie was hooked on speed, not caffeine pills,”Engel wrote his memoir. “But Standards and Practices, the censorial department of NBC, vetoed it, saying speed was too serious for Saturday mornings.” 

Engel and Standards and Practices decided to take a look at the serious problem of addiction and the pressure that kids can place on themselves.

22. Diamond became a celebrity when he published a telling-all book about his show and his co-stars in 2009. Behind the Bell(which would then become the source material of Lifetime’s). The Bell Story: Unauthorized Savings2014. The memoir contained allegations about steroid use, hookups, and other off-camera antics. Most of these were refuted by the cast. “Everything that I’ve heard about his book is negative and I don’t remember those things,” Gosselaar told E! News at that time. 

Diamond, despite being close to the rest of the cast over the years, lost touch. His tell-all was the last straw. The actor was unable to attend the reunion set up for their 20th anniversary. People magazine in 2009.