We Ranked all of Zac Efron’s Movies. You’re Welcome.


It is now time to celebrate the patron saint absZac Efron.

On Oct. 18, one of our favorite millennial heartthrobs will turn 35, which means two things. 1. Yes, the time has just slapped everyone in the face. 2. It is a good idea to rewatch a favorite Efron movie. Which one should you choose? There are many musical moments that you can choose from, including HairsprayOr The Greatest Showman. You might prefer to go withHigh School Musical 3 Oder17 More, both of which highlight his physical prowess. Also, his comedy chops are fully on display. Neighbors Dirty Grandpa. Range, thy Name is Zachary David Alexander Efron

Trying to decide which Efron movie is the best sparked a conversation that sparked a friendly yet fierce debate in the E! News offices. The takes were hotter than the man himself without his shirt on, which, you know, we’ve featured just a few times on our Instagram account. So, we did what any rational person would do: We ranked his feature film outings.

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