Wearing Underwear As Outerwear Is Trendy Once Again


Now we all know fashion trends can be repeated every 20 years. Even the ones we didn’t like.

Some trends we’re happy to see reemerge include Birkenstock shoes and the reimagining of cargo pants (who knew cargo pants could be functional and Pretty?). We are more concerned about regrettable trends such as the whale tail or zigzag hairbands returning to the mainstream.

This is the latest trend that has reemerged, where underwear can be worn as daily clothing.

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All of the Kardashian/Jenner members have been seen sporting their underwear as outerwear, including Bella Hadid and others. But while influencers are running around in their undies, I prefer the warmth and comfort of my sweatpants and hoodies—and I don’t think that makes me prudish.

Then And Now 

Of course, we all remember Madonna’s infamous cone bras from the early ‘90s. She wasn’t the only ‘90s celeb to wear their undergarments as clothing, either. Selena wore a lot of hot pants and bustiers, as did many other celebs, who wore slips as dresses and bralettes as shirts.

Today’s iteration of the style is a bit more skin-forward, with tiny bra tops under blazers and see-through dresses exposing barely-there bottoms being much of the norm. SKIMS, a brand that specializes in loungewear, has blurred the lines between underwear and loungewear.

There have been other elegant versions of this trend, such as the glamorous bustier Scarlett Johansson, who wore it to the American Cinematheque Awards. So if you prefer your undergarments with a little more glitz and glamour, that’s fair game too!

Here’s how to try it out, if you dare

The most popular version of this look is a bra-top pair with high-waisted trousers and a structured jacket, as seen in ScarJo. This look is a favourite of many Gen X Hollywood actresses. It allows for a professional, polished ensemble on the red carpet that is arguably far more comfortable than a dress.

A bralette worn under a button-down shirt, or an oversized jacket can be casual. Layering a sheer top over a corset or black bralette will make it look chicer. Layering the corset with a button-down shirt can reverse this effect. 

Truly, there aren’t any rules when styling this trend. With joggers or jeans, you can style this trend with corsets, longline and silky slip bras as well. If you love it, wear your pants proudly. In the months ahead, you will have plenty of options.

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