WeCrashed’s’ Rebekah Neumann Has A Famous Cousin


The Apple+ Series is now available WeCrashedThe rise and fall of WeWork and its founders Adam, as well as Adam and his family, is documented in this video. Rebekah Neumann. The story of the company is intriguing, but the most popular part of the show was Rebekah, Rebekah’s celebrity cousin. 

Who Is Rebekah Neumann’s Famous Cousin?

During the show, it’s briefly mentioned that Neumann, portrayed by Anne Hathaway, has a familial connection to none other than Gwyneth Paltrow. The two are cousins and, while it’s unknown how close the pair are in real life, they are definitely close on the family tree. 

Neumann was born Rebekah Paltrow. Gwyneth Paltrow is his brother and producer, Bruce Paltrow. Neumann is six years younger than Paltrow, and the two grew up on opposite coasts — Neumann on the East, and Paltrow on the West. 

But, the cousins remained close. Paltrow was even interviewed by the Neumanns for a profile in 2016.. “Her mom came from a lot of money and they had a huge piece of property, a big beautiful house,” the actress said, talking about Neumann’s family life. “Her mother Evelyn has amazing taste: every linen perfect. They had a lot of help and every comfort.”

Neumann’s older brother Keith passed away when he was 23 and she was 11. When Paltrow won her Oscar for 1998’s Shakespeare in Love, she dedicated the award to her cousin’s memory. 

Neumann and Paltrow remained close over the years

Neumann attempted an acting career, and the cousins kept in touch throughout the years. She also claims to have penned a few articles for Goop, Paltrow’s wellness website. If she wrote any articles for Goop though, They are not available on the website today

While Neumann and Paltrow were working on WeWork, Neumann and Paltrow became even more close. The couple bought a home on Long Island’s Amagansett close to Paltrow’s own house. Neumann created a video about the topic in 2018, shortly after WeWork’s WeGrow school was launched. Paltrow and Neumann filmed it. This video was removed from Goop. But it remains on the WeWork Facebook Page. 

While it’s clear the cousins have had a close relationship over the years, Paltrow has not publicly commented on Neumann’s WeWork controversies or the many podcasts, documentaries, and TV shows about them. Perhaps this has to do with controversies Paltrow’s own brand has suffered? The story of WeWork’s rise and fall is stranger than fiction, and Neumann being cousins to an Oscar-winning actress only adds more excitement.

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