Weeknd fans are convinced that lyrics from his new album are about Angelina Jolie


Romance rumors surrounding Angelina Jolie, The Weeknd (realname Abel Tesfaye), have been swirling since last year. Fans of the singer are certain that songs off his new album will make them happy. Dawn FMRefer to the Eternalsstar in the lyrics. Us WeeklyThe full breakdown is available, with specific verses that could refer to the Oscar-winner. The Weeknd’s album was released Jan. 7, and certain lyrics could refer to Jolie.

“My new girl, she’s a movie star / I loved her right / Make her scream like Neve Campbell,”The Weeknd sings in “Here We Go… Again.”He adds, “But I make her laugh / Swear it cures my depressing thoughts / ‘Cause, baby girl, she a movie star / Baby girl, she a movie star / I told myself that I’d never fall / But here we go again.”

The Weeknd may also be singing about Jolie, according to some listeners. “Starry Eyes,”This could be a reference to Brad Pitt’s divorce. “And now you’re my reality / And I wanna feel you close, but you’re defeated, baby / Broken, hurtin’, sufferin’ from a shattered soul,”He croons. “Let me be there / Let me be there for your heart / Let me be there, I can be there ’til you’re whole / You weren’t touched by a man in so long / ‘Cause the last time it was way too strong.”

Jolie’s ongoing custody battle could be referenced by The Weeknd. “I Heard You’re Married,”With Grammy winner, singing “The way you hypnotized me, I could tell / You’ve been in control / You manifested this, but girl, I blame myself / Things I shoulda known / The whispers that I hear / These words I need to hear from you / And I know this is a fling / But you’re hidin’ someone’s ring / It hurts to think I’m sharin’ you.”

The Tomb Raider star and The Weeknd were last linked in September when Radar reported that the duo was seen at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica. They did not arrive together at the private dinner but they seemed very comfortable and relaxed. According to reports, they left together after the meal lasted more than two hours. They had a similar dinner together in July. 

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