Wendy Seager is a real person ‘Chicago Fire’What is your opinion? Andy Allo to Join Full-Time


It’s been a hard week for Chicago FireFans who had to see Captain Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer), leave Firehouse 51. It’s always sad to see our favorites leave, but thankfully, the firefighting drama isn’t leaving fans hanging because a familiar face is filling his shoes.

Lieutenant, who was Matthew’s first return to the team following a significant family commitment, appeared on the episode of October 27, 2021. Wendy Seager(Andy Allo), who is now working with Lieutenant Kelly Severide, (Taylor Kinney), to solve a new case.

Wendy Seager is a real person ‘Chicago Fire’What is the best way to get started?

If Wendy isn’t a familiar face to you, she was a short-term recurring character who had a storyline in several episodes in an earlier season. She wasn’t around for too long.

However, with Matthew’s shoes needing to be filled now, she’s probably the best one to step in to give fans the drama and excitement they need this season.

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We first saw Wendy in Season 8, Episode 7. “Welcome to Crazytown.” It wasn’t clear right away that she would have a multi-episode storyline. She knew how to keep things exciting.

Wendy is a Lieutenant in the Office of Fire Investigation (OFI). She was part of the arson investigation team of the fire district and often worked with Lieutenant Kelly. Kelly was assigned to investigate the backlog of fires and Kelly was one of their key collaborators.

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Andy Allo as Wendy Seaver on Chicago Fire

Source: NBC

She was last seen in Episode 18 of Season 8. “I’ll Cover You,”Kelly and Kelly were involved in a very strange case involving a fire in a motel. The team used Reddit to find the solution to their case.

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Wendy was an interesting character because she didn’t shy away from challenging Kelly, and the two had a powerful dynamic together. Kelly is without Matthew and needs to have someone to challenge him. Wendy is the perfect person to do that.

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Andy Allo is joining the cast as a full-time member?

Andy AlloFirehouse 51 will host Season 10 of Wendy’s Season 8 role. However, it’s not clear how many episodes Andy will be reprising her Lieutenant role. If we had to guess, we’d say she’s at least going to be in as many episodes as she was in for Season 8 — it would be strange to bring her back for a short blip, especially on the heels of such a major departure.

However, there’s also the potential for her to stick around long-term. Since she’s only just recently returned to the station, there’s going to be some time before we know for sure.

And how she’s received by the fans is probably going to come into play, too. Especially with Jesse Spencer leaving and how loved his character was, if Andy’s going to join the cast full time, she’s going to have to have some Wendy drama.

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Source: Twitter

During her return, fans weren’t solid on how they feel now that she’s back. Some are flagging that Wendy’s going to become the season villain, while others are excited to see how it’s all going to play out.

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