Wendy Williams Going Broke After Missing Weeks Of Her Show?


It is Wendy Williams‘ bank account drying up? One tabloid claims her weeks-long absence from her talk show is causing serious financial repercussions for the host. Let’Let’s check in with the TV personality.

Wendy Williams’ Show On ‘Fast Track To Cancellation’?

This week, National Enquirer According to reports, Wendy Williams will soon be financially bankrupt if her show is cancelled. According to the tabloid, Williams’ finances have already been irrevocably damaged by all the time she’s been taking off. Williams has been away from her talk-show for weeks, building up a pile of expenses and earning no income. And if she does ever return, she’s going to have to change the way she spends, an inside source says.

“Her cost of living is astronomical,”Insider’s explanation. “Her medical bills are running into hundreds of thousands, her staff is still on full pay, and she’s had to dig deep into her pocket to fund private nurses and extra bodyguards.” Add on multiple mortgages and regular spousal support payments to her ex-husband, she can’t go on like this without a major boost to her bank account.

“If she pulls through this nightmare, the first thing she needs to do is downsize her entire life,”The tipster warns. “She’ll be lucky if there’s anything left once the debts are paid!” And after weeks of physical and psychological evaluation, there still hasn’t been a word as to when she’s going back to work. “No one on her team wants to admit they have no idea when or if she’ll be back,”The source confirms. “She needs to downsize her team NOW!”

Wendy Williams Said It To ‘Downsize Her Entire Life’?

While medical care certainly isn’t cheap, we doubt Williams has any reason to sweat it. First of all, her show isn’t on the “fast track to cancellation.”After weeks of airing reruns the show’s ratings skyrocketedWhen the show returned, it had a stellar lineup of guest hosts. As of right now, Williams’ show is doing better right now than it was this time last year. If the numbers stay where they are, Williams’ show will be more than safe. And of course, she’s still going to see profits from Her own Show, whether she’s hosting it or not.

Besides, the tabloid didn’t even bother mentioning what exactly is ailing Williams. After contracting a breakthrough case of COVID-19, Williams began experiencing complications as a result of her Graves’ Disease and thyroid condition. But her show recently announced on Instagram that she will return once she’s well enough. “As soon as she’s ready, she will be back in her treasured purple chair,”The announcement was as follows:

The Tabloid on Wendy Williams

The National Enquirer This is where fans should go to get the latest information on Wendy Williams. The tabloid claimed that producers were being fired earlier this year. “scrambling”Williams was to be replaced. Then the outlet published a bizarre report claiming Williams’ friends were urging her to wear a diaper. The magazine then reported that Williams was pregnant. “close to the edge”She was jealous that her ex-husband had reunited his mistress. Evidently, the Get in touch isn’t reliable when it comes to Wendy Williams.

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