Wendy Williams Health Takes Turn For The Worse


Is Wendy Williams‘ health taking a turn for the worse? One tabloid claims Williams may never return to TV. Let’s check in on the talk show host.

Wendy Williams In Need Of ‘Urgent Hospitalization’?

This week, the Globe reports Wendy Williams is worse than ever after taking an extended hiatus from her talk show. “Wendy’s gone downhill since taking leave from the show and it’s no secret her health has taken a turn for the worse,” an insider dishes. “She can’t walk on her own. She can’t keep the house on her own. She needs help getting dressed and she obviously is not eating properly because she’s lost so much weight.”

But that isn’t all. Apparently, the TV personality’s mental health has taken a major turn as well. “She’s acting confused and disoriented and doesn’t remember where she is or who she is sometimes. Really, she can’t be trusted to look after herself and it’s painful to see,” the tipster confides. “Her family is debating whether she wouldn’t be better off in a special home where she could get the care she needs.”

Wendy Williams Becoming A ‘Frail, Dazed Shell’?

This report is beyond offensive. It’s no secret that Williams has been struggling with her health for some time now. The talk show host is battling an autoimmune disorder called Graves’ Disease that causes an overactive thyroid among other health issues. After getting diagnosed with a breakthrough case of COVID-19 last year, Williams has been struggling to recover from various health complications.

But instead of addressing Williams’ situation with the sensitivity she deserves, the outlet decided to even further exaggerate her ailments and cast doubt on her resolve to come back to The Wendy Williams Show. Nevertheless, she and her representatives have continuously insisted that she’s focused on her recovery and plans to return to her show as soon as she’s well enough. She recently posted a video confirming that she has every intention of “going back stronger.”

She also looked like she was feeling a lot better as she helped celebrate her father’s 91st birthday.

While we can’t say for certain whether or not Williams is coming back to her show any time soon, it’s clear that the tabloid never really wanted to update its readers on the state of her health.

The Tabloid On Wendy Williams

It’s hard to trust anything the Globe says about Wendy Williams. Back in May, the outlet claimed Williams had dramatically sworn off men after a messy breakup. Then the tabloid reported Williams’ friends feared she was “desperate” and “out of control.” Obviously, the Globe isn’t reliable when it comes to Wendy Williams.

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