Wendy Williams Signs a Raw Deal with Talkshow Force Out


The end of an era came with a whimper rather than a bang. Wendy Williams Show quietly went off the air without its eponymous host and it’s a disappointment that fans are finding hard to believe. They’re not the only ones unhappy with Wendy Williams’A disappointing farewell after 14 years of watching the show. 

Wendy Williams misses the last episode

Wendy Williams’ talk show went without its titular host for its entire final season, though fans hoped she would at least return for the last episode. Fans received a sendoff instead of Williams, even though it was difficult to forget her presence during the 14 years the show was on air. Instead of Williams appearing on the show, they rolled several video clips from the former shock jock, which included a lengthy montage of Williams. 

Williams’ long-time fans agree that this is the worst case scenario for how the show will end. When William’s absence from the show was first announced in the latter half of 2021, fans were hopeful that her time away would be brief. That wasn’t to be, however, and Williams soon found herself sidelined due to a COVID-19 diagnosis before other health and personal issues forced delays. 

Sherri Shepherds has replaced it

Williams focused on her health, getting well and was eventually replaced on the show by a few rotating hosts. Sherri Shepherd was finally selected to take Williams’s place. It was Shepherd who closed out the show, and it’s Shepherd who will pick up the mantle of talk host moving forward after her hosting abilities impressed enough to land her a show of her own. Williams now has to decide where she will go.

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Fan Reaction on Twitter

It feels unconscionable that Williams wasn’t a part of the show’s final episodes, especially that all-important last episode. The show bears her name, but she wasn’t even in the studio and the video montage for her, while touching, is a pale comparison to her actual presence. The disapproval of Twitter was particularly high. Fans agreed with this.  

Britney Spears’s Comparisons Are In

Many fans highlighted the similarities between Williams’ current circumstances and the recent end of pop star Britney Spears’ conservatorship. Last summer, Spears’ controversial conservatorship ended after a long legal battle with the singer’s father. Williams is also facing a conservatorship battle, but it wasn’t her family that brought about this fight.

Williams used Wells Fargo to bank. Wells Fargo successfully petitioned conservatorship. “victim of undue influence and financial exploitation.”Williams denies these accusations and took to social media to condemn the action. Williams also accused her former boss, who was responsible for her finances, with misappropriating funds.

Favorite Moments Honor Williams’ Legacy

Others honored Williams’ legacy by sharing clips of their favorite moments of her from the show. We saw several of our personal favorite moments, as well as some of Williams’ silly bits from early in the show’s history that we’d forgotten about. It was not enough to replace Williams but it did help some fans say good-bye.

Who could forget about Williams’ long-held fear of “the killer?”We doubt it. In fact, there are even more compilations of the talk-show host discussing strategies and solutions for her unnamed foe.

Halloween episodes are always fun, especially when Williams, a noted NON-horror enthusiast, spotted a terrifying mask in the crowd during a crowd shot.

Williams was also criticized for her support of Britney. It wasn’t necessarily the fact that she supported the pop star that got her into hot water, but rather her choice of words when it came time to address Spears’ family.

When the Audience gets the Spotlight

We love seeing Williams interacting with her audience members, but we’re pretty sure this audience member would have been perfectly happy without a callout from Williams. Then again, if Williams hadn’t noticed her, we wouldn’t have had this classic Wendy Williams Show moment.

A trip through Wendy Williams’ history isn’t complete without a mention of her wigs. They became a character all their own throughout the years. Williams even used to conceal little things inside her wigs, such as notes, in order to make them easier to see on film, much to the delight she received from her audience.

Wendy Williams will be the last one like her. The impact of Wendy Williams on television and pop culture is unquestionable, regardless of whether you loved or loathed her. We hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Williams. We wish her all the best for the future.

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