Wendy Williams Speaks Out During Bank Battle: “I Want My Money”


Wendy Williams, talk show host, is speaking on camera about the claims that she has been blocked from accessing her bank account.  

“I want my money,”Williams made the comment in an Instagram video. “This is not right and you know this is not fair.”

The 57-year old TV personality was forced to cancel her talk show due to ongoing health issues. She is now using social media to seek answers.

“All I wanna know is, where is my money? This is not right and certainly this is not fair,”Williams said.

Williams also denounced her ex-manager and Wells Fargo. They last month frozen her accounts and called her an “anonymous.” “incapacitated person”Someone who requires a guardian for her assets.

“This guardianship petition about keeping me away from my money — this is not right,”Williams said.

It’s believed Williams shot the video in Miami. Williams has appeared frail over the past months but in her latest video she seems to be recovering her strength as she pleads for help. “Please let me have access to my money.”

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