Wendy’s Reintroducing a Favorite Menu Item


This summer, Wendy’s is cooking up some delicious things. Wendy’s is expected to return the beloved Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger and several other menu items to its stores in August 2022, as fans rush to the nearest Wendy’s.

Leaked information about the alleged return of The Pretzel Bacon pub Cheeseburger has been leaked Reddit memo shared. The memo states that the fan-favorite menu item will be back on Tuesday. August 30, along with the Pretzel bacon Pub Homestyle Chicken Sandwiches and Pub Fries. Wendy’s says they will be back. “thrilled”Two bring back the two menu items. Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger has a quarter-pound of fresh meat topped by Muenster cheese, three strips smoked bacon, smoky Honey Mustard, warm beer cheese sauce and crispy fried onions. The Chicken Sandwich version uses the same beef but substitutes for the Homestyle Chicken filet. The brand’s Pub Fries are topped with Applewood-smoked bacon, shredded cheese cheese, and warm beer sauce. The Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheddar will be replacing it, according to the memo.

Wendy’s August menu includes more than just the Pretzel Bacon Pub cheeseburger. In the memo, it was also stated that French Toast Sticks will be introduced by Wendy’s. “play an important role on our menu and fill a space that we deliberately left open at launch.”The French Toast Sticks will be available in mid-August. Sausage Gravy will also be joining the August breakfast menu. Although a date has not been set, all Wendy’s stores will reportedly start selling Biscuits & Gravy.

Last memo included an update on Medium Combo. While the Medium Combo is not new to the menu starting August 30, the default will be the Medium Combo nationally. The system will then be re-instated. “the POS will default to a medium combo instead of small.”This change will be rolled out alongside new menuboard layouts.

Wendy’s has yet to confirm any menu updates that were alleged in the leak memo. The prices of the new and returning menu items remain unknown. It is not clear if the menu changes are permanent or temporary.