We’re Not Sure Which Sibling Made Us Squirm More on Succession


Though the aformentioned moments were particularly brutal, the Roy sibling that had us stressed out the most was disgraced son Kendall (Jeremy Strong). During a sit-down dinner with Logan, in which the business tycoon had his grandson taste his food in case it was poisoned, Kendall asked to be bought out of the firm. He also, very confidently, said he was better than Logan.

The Roy family patriarch refused to take the insult, reminding Kendall about the accident that killed the cater waiter at Shiv’s wedding. Even though Kendall doubled down and insisted he’s a good person, he was clearly shaken when Logan calmly told him to “f–k off.”

In the final moments of the episode, Kendall appeared inebriated while laying face down on a floatie in a pool. As he began to fall asleep, a beer bottle fell to the bottom, allowing the camera to show Kendall’s nose and mouth eerily close to the water.

While it’s unlikely that Kendall will accidentally drown, it’s a red flag that a spiral is soon approaching for the ousted Roy.

Succession airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.