Wesley Snipes’ Red Carpet Looks Across The Years


When it comes to red carpet fashions, it’s usually the ladies who generate buzz while the fellas tend to fade into the background with their identical black tuxes. Blade star Wesley Snipes doesn’t roll that way. The actor has taken a number of fashion risks over the years and while not every look has been a winner, there’s no doubt that the man has style. 

Wesley Snipes’ Red Carpet Fashion Over The Years

Typically when we take a look at red carpet fashions, we focus on the ladies; after all, there’s nothing more dramatic than a floor-length ball gown. Wesley Snipes demonstrates that men’s red carpet fashions can also make a statement. After making his first film, Snipes began his career in the entertainment industry. New Jack CityHe quickly established himself as a fashionable, fashion-forward red carpet risk-taker.

Snipes’ beaded Ankh necklace was a symbol of the Egyptian cycle of life and death. This photo was taken in 1993, two years after the death of Snipes. New Jack CitySnipes was released to great critical acclaim. He wore a bright orange sports coat over a black turtleneck and black slacks when he left the Beverly Hills Hotel. His pair of dark sunglasses, which quickly became part of his persona, are also noteworthy. 

Classic Snipes

The Ankh necklace makes another appearance in a photo taken of Snipes a few years later at the premiere of Laurence Fishburne’s 2000 film Once in the Life. The ancient symbol is now cast in silver instead of the copper or ruddier yellow used in the previous photo. Once again, he’s wearing a pair of sunglasses, a bold choice for a nighttime event, but he pulls it off with panache. Snipes wore a black, flat-brimmed fedora to complete the look. It’s an iconic look.

Our next photo is a closer look at the present. It was taken in 2014, during the premiere of The Expendables 3. Snipes chose a bold wine-colored blazer, with a pale blue shirt underneath. He wisely paired it up with white pants. Comfortable is possible, as Snipes proved. He wore a pair of white sneakers, which he considered fashionable. Snipes, as always, opted for a pair of white sneakers. 

He didn’t do his best work

Finally, a rare moment on the red carpet where Snipes was caught without his sunglasses on, though he’s keeping them close by. We’re not exactly thrilled by this look in particular, but no one can deny it was a bold choice. Deep red zippered pants with a hem. VeryThe cuffs are replaced by neon lime and black sneakers. Snipes finds himself somehow clashing with the ensemble. The red carpet. On top, the red turtleneck hides under a black and brown leather jacket, and a deep red strap can be seen around Snipes’ shoulder. He hoped to have another outfit for later.

Snipes Today

The sunglasses are back, and so are the beads in Snipes’ latest red carpet photo. Snipes attended Snipes’ June 30, 2021 premiere. The Tomorrow WarHe looks cool in his loose, patterned shirt. So that the shirt’s busy pattern is not too overwhelming, the plain white pants with brown loafers were a good alternative. Snipes wore both a black skullcap and sunglasses on his head. If you already know what works, why change it?

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