What All We Know About Netflix ‘On My Block’.


The show’s website states that IMDbPage On My BlockWas filmed in Los Angeles and Burbank (Calif.).

These cities are hugely influential in the entertainment industry, so it makes sense to film there. Hollywood, also known for being the heart and soul of Los Angeles, is where most American movies and TV shows are shot.

In the ninth episode, a Reddit user speculatively suggested that Burbank was used for filming because Abuelita holds a map that shows an area that looks similar to Burbank. Another user, hales55Posted a comment on the post. “I’m from LA, and I recognized Burbank instantly.”

They wrote more. “It kinda bothered me because every time they mentioned ‘Freeridge’ and how dangerous it is, I couldn’t get it out of my head that they were actually in Burbank, which is a nice sleepy town, haha, far from what South LA is like, lol.”

Remember that Burbank is home to many motion picture studios, including Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Studios, and The Burbank Studios. They were previously known as NBC Studios. It is natural for such high-performing productions to film in Burbank.

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