What Amanda Bynes’ Conservatorship Looks Like Compared to Britney Spears’


Amanda BynesFollowing closely is the celebrity who decided to end their conservatorship. Britney Spears’ famous case. Even though the news has just been made public, Bynes’ attorney says this move has been in the works for years. 

The Conservatorship

Bynes’ attorney, David A. Esquibias, maintains that the former child star did not file to end her conservatorship because of Spears. He stated that Bynes is doing it with the support of her parents. “Amanda wishes to terminate her conservatorship,” Esquibias told People. “She believes her condition is improved and protection of the court is no longer necessary.”

Last year, a status report about Bynes’ health was filed and approved within the California court system. Some confusion resulted from the fact that the next update was set for January 2023. Esquibias clarified that this update did not mean Bynes’ conservatorship was being extended to 2023.

Bynes was initially placed under the legal conservatorship in 2013. This allowed her mother Lynn Bynes to have full control over her legal and medical affairs. This decision came after the actress was placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold for allegedly starting a fire in a stranger’s driveway. 

Bynes was placed on another involuntary detention in 2014, and she tweeted that she had been diagnosed as bipolar disorder. Bynes stated that she was sober for four years and checked herself into rehab soon after. “stress-related relapse.”

The Actress’ Progress And New Life

Bynes appears to have been happier and more healthy over the past few years. The actress graduated from Los Angeles’ Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in 2019 and announced her engagement to Paul Michael the following year. They met at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Now that Bynes’ mental health has improved, she is ready to end her conservatorship, but unlike Britney, Amanda Bynes has The full support of her parents. Esquibias stressed that Bynes’ conservatorship was always supposed to be a temporary measure and that the “significant progress”The actress has beenShe has shown her family she is prepared to take back control over her legal and medical affairs.  

Bynes, in addition to her engagement is still focusing on fashion. She is also said to be working on a fragrance line. But, she has not publicly spoken about a possible return to acting. With Spears’ recent success still making headlines, many are hopeful that Bynes’ conservatorship will be ended in due time. 

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