What are the Critics Saying about the “Yellowstone” Prequel


The Yellowstonespinoff 1883Fans are certainly talking now that the original series’ fourth season is finished. Taylor Sheridan, showrunner, has had some discussions about whether he believes his shows are not critical darlings. But what did critics think of the first season? 1883So far? 

The prequel series stars Faith Hill, Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. A Rotten Tomatoes critics score 84%It is certified fresh. Popculture.com rated it highly. “There are some wild moments, gripping action and slow moments that let our characters get emotional and breathe without things getting too dry,”Read the entire review. “This is a show I’m interested in watching more of: tempers rising over routes, clashes on how to handle a massive group of travelers, intimate family moments and some great acting throughout it all.”

Some Naysayers

But not everyone is onboard. 1883. “An opportunity to disrupt present-day comprehension of a transformative period in U.S. history is wasted on yet another narrative from the point of view of white settlers,”It was pointed out IndieWire. CNNHe wrote that the same harsh words were used. “for fans of westerns, 1883 certainly looks like the real deal, coming from Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan and featuring Sam Elliott as a gnarled cowboy. The execution, however, feels stale.” The Hollywood ReporterSubmitted “I can’t emphasize enough how much unearned credibility the series gets from Elliott’s performance.” 1883’sThe first three episodes of the series are available. Paramount+ streaming at the momentThe following Sunday installments will be available: