What Did Emma Watson Buy With The Money From The First Harry Potter Movie


Emma Watson has revealed what she bought as the money started rolling in from Harry Potter. The British actress, worth $85 million, remains best-known for her days as goody-two-shoes Hogwarts student Hermione Granger in the fantasy wizard series, and it looks like she knew exactly what to buy – even at a young age.

Watson, who said the money was “starting to get serious” by the “third or fourth” film while opening up to Interview Magazine in 2009, dished on exactly what her credit card was swiped for.

‘Harry Potter’ Star Worth $85 Million

“I had no idea. I felt sick, very emotional,” the actress told Vogue of the fast-rising paycheck, also revealing that for years, she was only receiving $75 a week as a spending allowance. When prompted on shopping fashionable looks now she’s made “a little bit of money,” the Burberry model replied: “I don’t buy designer stuff. I have a few nice things, but I don’t have the occasion to wear couture too often. When I’m in a situation where I do need to dress up, I’m typically lent something—which means I have to give it back at midnight, like Cinderella.”

Revealing First Purchases

Then came the big question – namely what “splurge” the star had treated herself to once her bank balance was reflecting her rising Hollywood status. “Hmm, I got myself a laptop. I took my dad to Tuscany. He works so hard, my dad, so I rang up his secretary and asked when he was free, and I booked us a holiday. What else? Oh, I got myself a car,” Watson replied.

Turns out, the environmental warrior puts her money where her mouth is. Emma Watson does not drive around in a gas-guzzling four-wheel-drive vehicle. She drives a Prius. “I love the Prius, even if my friends say it’s ugly. They say I drive a brick. And, to be fair, it’s not the prettiest car on the road, but it’s good for the environment. It’s sensible and boring—like me,” she added.

Reflecting On Fame So Young

Looking back on a career that saw her propelled to fame as a child, the Little Women star also said: “I was so young, and I don’t think I really knew the greatness of what I was signing on for. I really want to study. I would love to try theater. I need to try stuff out. But I say all this now—I’m sure I’ll still be here in 10 years, making Harry Potter 30.”

Emma Watson is keeping a pretty low profile these days. She’s not acted in anything on the silver screen since 2019’s Little Women and currently has nothing in production. She continues to be an activist, serving in advisory roles for various groups on environmental activities. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

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