What happened on ‘Big Mouth’Season 4? Season 4?


This is just one aspect of Big MouthIt also includes the introduction of funny characters that personify (or sometimes monster-fication!) certain emotions or traits like hormones. Nick already has met Hormone Monsters and the Shame Wizard. Season 4 will bring more. Nick’s first encounter with Tito, the Anxiety Mosquito (Maria Bamford), is at camp Mohegan Sun.

Tito, the pesky mosquito, ends up plaguing Nick’s friends through Season 4. Meanwhile, Big Mouth Natalie (Josie Totah) was the first transgender character on the show. Natalie is able to have a summer camp makeout with Seth Goldberg (Seth Rogen), though Seth tells Natalie that he is embarrassed to kiss a transgender woman. Instead of hiding their budding relationship, Natalie splits with Seth.

Jessi Klein (Poor Jessi) is forced to move to a middle school. There, she fails to make the grade, moving from the top to the bottom of her class. Jessi is overwhelmed by all of this stress and finds herself in the company of Jean Smart (Depression Kitty). Her new artsy boyfriend Michael Angelo (Sterling K. Brown) seems great at first — until he breaks up with Jessi after attempting to pressure her into giving him a handjob.