What happened to Nelly Furtado the ‘Promiscuous” Singer?


Canadian singer Nelly FurtadoWith her debut album, she was first on the pop music scene in 2000. Whoa Nelly!. The critically acclaimed, trip-hop-influenced record produced two top-ten singles—”I’m Like a Bird” and “Turn Off the Light”—and won the newcomer a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. Furtado continued to hit it big with her follow-up albums (her third record, 2006’s Loose, She sold over 10,000,000 copies worldwide, making it her most popular album. The songstress has been mostly absent in recent years. So what happened with Nelly Furtado. Here’s a look at what the “Promiscuous”The singer was doing.

She was unable to perform on stage in 2006 and had to leave the music industry.

It was a difficult life for Nelly to live. When she was at the peak of her popularity, in 2006, Nelly suffered a panic attack while on tour to promote her album. Loose. The singer, who was traveling with her little girl all the time, reached her breaking point while performing. 

“I was on the Loose tour and my daughter was with me—I was being a mum and a singer on the road. I was exhausted,”The “Say It Right” singer Interview with the Daily Mail. “Then one night I went on stage and I suddenly realized how stressed-out I was. I actually cried my way through the first two songs.”

Furtado was inspired by that experience to take a step back from the spotlight and care for her family. “I took a break from music and went home,”She spoke. “And I realized that being at home and having the whole family experience was what I was seeking.”

What’s she done since then?

She took the time to focus on her family

Furtado was able to focus on her full-time job as a mom during her hiatus. “My life was pretty much on fast-forward from the age of 20,”She stated in Refinery29.com interviewed me in 2017.. “I signed my first record deal, and then it was constant juggling of my work and my home life. I became a mother at quite a young age, I was 25.”

Furtado was a mother to her daughter and spent time with her family. “I started taking ceramics classes and playwriting classes at the local university,”She spoke to Refinery29.com. “Working at my daughter’s school library sorting books, and working the till at my friend’s record store. All those things help me remember who I was.”

Furtado was also able to find love in her work break, when she married Demacio Castellon, a sound engineer. They were together for eight years, but they divorced in 2016. Furtado, who was together for eight years, announced in her Instagram bio that Furtado had two more children. She wrote that she was now a mother of two. “mother of 3 beautiful children, ages 18, 4, and 3.”

Albums after 2006

Fortunately, Nelly’s break from music was not permanent. Her fourth album was released in 2009. Mi Plan. Put out independently by Furtado’s own record label, Nelstar Entertainment, it was the singer’s first all-Spanish-language album. It was well-received by both fans and critics and won a Latin Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Album in 2010. 

Her next two albums weren’t as successful as her earlier ones.The Spirit of IndestructibilityThe 2012 release of, reached number 79 on the US Billboard charts. It sold only 6,000 copies its first week. (In comparison, Loose It was the number-one bestseller and was sold 219,000 within its first week. And 2017’s The Ride, Furtado’s second independent release after Mi PlanThe album, which did not chart on the US Billboard charts, was only 1,814 copies sold in its first week.

Fortunately, the down-to-earth singer took the albums’ lackluster performances in stride. “I’ve had kind of everything happen to me commercially and at different levels,” She shared her story Huffington Post Canada. “I’ve had different scenes and I’ve dabbled in a lot of markets so I see the music world as very global and I’m always looking for new avenues and opportunities, so one chart or anything doesn’t necessarily [mean anything].”

She recently released expanded editions of her most successful albums

The most recent addition to this list was the “I’m Like a Bird”Singer has returned to the success of her early years. 2020 will mark the 20th Anniversary.ThAn anniversary of Whoa Nelly!Furtado also released an extended edition with 22 tracks. She released an expanded edition in 2021. Loose, The album featured 32 tracks, and was released in conjunction with the 15Th anniversary of the album’s original release.

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