What Happened To ‘Pepsi Girl’ Hallie Eisenberg?


Hallie Eisenberg captured hearts as the adorable curly-haired, dimpled girl who stood her ground when it came to soft drinks, but now the child actress is all grown up and out of the spotlight. Whatever happened to the so-called “Pepsi girl” who went on to be the most adorable part of several cult favorite movies? Unlike some famous child stars, there’s a happy ending. 

From Commercial Star To Movie Star

In the late ’90s, Pepsi began a new ad campaign starring the angelic-faced Hallie Eisenberg. The little girl, who had a head full of adorable brown curls and two deep dimples on either cheek, goes to a restaurant with her grandfather and asks for a Pepsi. After being told they only carry Coke, she launches into Joe Pesci’s tough-guy voice and makes her demands known. 

That wasn’t the only tough guy impression young Eisenberg had up her sleeve. She also took cues from The Godfather and, in one commercial, gave a monologue about freedom in her own voice. There are a few of the old commercials still around on YouTube if you’re interested in a trip down memory lane. 

How We First Met Hallie Eisenberg

After taking the commercial world by storm, Eisenberg went on to appear in several feature films, including her debut in Paulie, as well as Beautiful alongside Minnie Driver and How To Eat Fried Worms. She continued acting throughout the ‘00s, but in 2010, she decided to step away from her acting career to attend college at American University. Since then, she’s largely kept out of the spotlight, though she does have an Instagram page where fans can keep up with new developments in her life. 

Eisenberg Today

She may have left the limelight, but that doesn’t mean we’ve never heard from the Eisenberg family ever again. Her older brother, Jesse Eisenberg, is an actor you’ve probably heard of from his career-launching role in The Social Network to his latest films Batman V Superman and Resistance. Hallie’s clearly proud of her brother, though she doesn’t often tout the familial connection. 

Another Talented Member Of The Family

The Eisenberg family clearly has talent in droves. They’ve got not just one accomplished actor, but two!

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