What happened to the Cast of ‘Real Genius’?


The eighties were a great time for comedies of every size. Real GeniusContributed to the launch of the career Val KilmerIt was well received by both cinemagoers and critics. Kilmer played Chris Knight (a teenage genius who joins the CIA to save our world). Here’s what the cast and crew are up to now.

Val Kilmer

Kilmer deserves not too much. He parlayed comedies Top Secret Real Genius into 1986’s Top Gun. The rest is history. He’s returning to the role of Iceman in the oft-delayed sequel Maverick: Top Gun. Kilmer was recently released ValA career-spanning documentary about his fight with throat cancer.

Brian Grazer

Comedy nerds will recognize Brain Grazer’s name right away for producing Arrested Development. One year after production Real GeniusImagine Entertainment was founded by Ron Howard and Grazer. It was a great success. Grazer was nominated four times for Best Picture and won once. A Beautiful Mind. He’s still a power player in Hollywood to this day.

William Atherton

William Atherton, a great actor and character actor, is perhaps best-known for his role as Richard Thornburg, a smarmy reporter. Die Hard. He completed his work on Real Genius while working on another ’80s titan, Ghostbusters. Atherton has nearly 100 credits to his name on IMDB, but that’s it for now. After a long, prolific career, he appears to have retired.

Gabriel Jarrett

Gabriel Jarrett was co-lead Real Genius as Kilmer’s roommate, Mitch. Jarrett was a favourite of Ron Howard and Grazer, as he would appear in many of their later projects. He played a small part in a few roles. Apollo 13 Frost/Nixon. He also appeared in Poseidon alongside Kurt Russell. Jarrett’s career is still going on to this day, with numerous projects like Tales from the Dead Zone Gym RatSoon to be premiered

Michelle Meynrick

Michelle Meynrick’s career boomed in the early ’80s. To top it all, Michelle Meynrick’s career boomed in the early ’80s. Real GeniusIn Judy the Nerd, she played the part of Judy. Revenge of the NerdsYou have been awarded credits The Outsiders Valley Girl. Meynrick quit a promising career to enjoy more of her life. She started a family in Dominican Republic. She was the founder of an acting school in Vancouver, as of 2013.

John Gries

John Gries is a name you may not recognize, but you’d certainly know his face. He was the burned-out Lazlo. Real Genius, just one cult classic he’s attached to. Gries is most well-known for his role in laying Uncle Rico in. Napolean Dynamite For which he was nominated as an Independent Spirit Award nominee. He played Casey in all three. Taken films. He was seen in The White LotusLast year, and produces multiple straight-to DVD films each year.

Robert Prescott

Robert Prescott was the villainous Kent in Real Genius. He would return to the scene a few years later. SpaceballsAs a “Sand Cruise Driver.” He’s got a really impressive IMDB page, with appearances on The Sopranos Quantum LeapCoinciding with small roles for critical darlings such as Burn After Reading Michael Clayton. His most recent film was Denzel Washington’s Roman J. Israel, Esq.Starting in 2018.

Stacy Peralta

Stacy Peralta is a Venice, California native who had a small part in the film’s opening. He doesn’t consider acting a career. In the seventies, he formed the Powell Peralta skateboarding company. In 1992, he left the company to pursue documentary production, which he excelled at. Dogtown & Z-BoysAmong other things. Peralta donated his talents to the videogame in 2003. Tony Hawk’s Underground. Talk about a renaissance man.

Martha Coolidge

Coolidge is one of the most recognizable female directors of 1980s. Real GeniusThe success of Valley Girl. She continues to direct television and film until today. She teamed up in 1991 with Laura Dern to direct the drama Rambling RoseShe won the Independent Spirit Award as Best Director for her film, She’s also a  taught at Chapman University and was the Directors Guild of America’s first female president. She’s also distantly related to former President Calvin Coolidge.

Dean Devlin

Dean Devlin, another man with a little role, but who went on to great things, had a small role in Milton’s life. Real Genius. His acting career didn’t quite take off, so he became a screenwriter, forming a powerful business partnership with Roland Emmerich. They worked together. Universal Soldier, Independence Day Godzilla together. Devlin directed the film in 2016. GeostormThe movie grossed around a quarter billion dollars.

Who would’ve thought? Real GeniusDid you know there was so much talent on the set? A true classic was created by a group of skate entrepreneurs and trailblazers. They also teamed up with powerful producers, respected actors, and future Bruce Wayne.

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