What Happened To The ‘Pine-Sol Lady’ And Was She Replaced?


Though many probably know her best as simply “the Pine-Sol lady,” Diane Amos has a career that stretches far beyond the boundaries of her commercial success. In recent years, the popular cleaning product has used other actors, like Boris Kodjoe and his wife Nicole Ari Parker, or used ad campaigns that don’t feature Amos. That begs the question, is Amos still a part of the Pine-Sol family or has she been replaced?

Diane Amos’ Pine-Sol Origins Began In 1993

Diane Amos began her long career with Pine-Sol back in 1993 and quickly became a hit with audiences thanks to her catchphrase, “That’s the cleaning power of Pine-Sol, baby.” Over the years Amos became a staple on TV, popping up in commercial breaks, but lately, the cleaning product company has moved in new directions with their ads. 

A Change In Direction Following Pandemic

After the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, actors and spouses Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe partnered with Pine-Sol to show off their quarantine cleaning habits. This partnership came about after it was discovered that Pine-Sol is actually quite effective at killing the COVID-19 virus on surfaces. 

In an interview with Black Enterprise, Parker explained how she incorporated Pine-Sol into her cleaning routine, “I put it in a spray bottle. Sometimes I spray the front entry where people are walking. You’re already asking people to wear masks when they come over and to wash their hands.”

Latest Ad Campaign

A year later, in 2021, Pine-Sol released a new ad campaign titled “Clean AF” and featured a husband accidentally offending his mother-in-law with his “dirty mouth,” despite an attempted warning from his wife. The ad can be viewed below. 

With these new campaigns and partnerships, it’s easy to see why some might wonder whether or not Amos is still working with Pine-Sol. Never fear! According to Pine-Sol, Amos is still a spokesperson for the company, even if she doesn’t appear in new commercials. When she’s not working for them, Amos can be found continuing her stand-up comedy career as well as in film and television roles. 

Amos is also very active in her community, where she spreads her kindness. She spoke to Pine-Sol about how she makes a difference in her community. “The way I make a powerful difference is to spread myself around,” she explained. “I volunteer. I speak to students and encourage them to follow their dreams. I help out teachers at local schools. I teach my kids about service and get them involved in the community with me.” That’s the power of community and kindness, baby!

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